Is building surveying boring?

A stark realisation or common misconception?
Our co-founding directior, Ben Anderson, shares a snapshot of his (admittedly more exciting) experiences working as a building surveyor.

Crossley Anderson provided Employers Agent services for a development of a brownfield site to provide a community sustainability hub

Technical Due Diligence (Commercial Building Survey)
In 2016, I was approached by a potential purchaser to inspect and report on three Hotels in Wellington and Queenstown, New Zealand. This involved a thorough inspection of all the buildings and assessing the condition of the building fabric. The evenings and weekend spent white water rafting and skiing weren’t part of the inspection, but a perk of the job!

In 2017, I was engaged by a potential purchaser to inspect a 5* Luxury Island Resort in the Maldives. This involved a comprehensive inspection of all the buildings and services on the island, which meant five days staying at the luxurious resort. As several of the buildings were built into the sea bed, it also included diving underwater to assess the condition of the structural timber posts.

Project Management / Contract Administration
In 2013, I was involved with a feasibility study, full design and project management role on a significant historical Town Hall building in Sussex, England. The works included installing glazed pavement lights above the steps to highlight an area of the building where 17 Protestant women were martyred in the 14th century. The stakes for delivering this job on time and within budget were therefore even more crucial.

From 2017-2019, I was involved with the specification and project management of the external repair works to arguably three of London’s most significant and wellknown historic buildings across the city and west end. These projects have involved liaison with specialist consultants and engaging with the local government and historical officers.

In 2016, I provided strategic dilapidation advice and negotiation for the Queensland Government, Australia. Several premises were consolidated to one large purpose built building. This yielded significant multimillion dollar savings for the Government and tax payer.

In 2017, I advised one of the globe’s largest nutrition and hygiene brands on their potential dilapidation options and liability for relocating their London HQ to elsewhere in Europe.

In 2014, I undertook a maintenance plan for a police building which transpired to be the police riot training facility for the London Olympics in 2012, deep beneath the ground in the Sussex countryside. In 2015, I undertook a planned preventative maintenance report on a government building in the Northern Territory, Australia. This provided an exciting new experience visiting the area and surrounding national parks – one I would never have achieved otherwise.

In 2020, Crossley Anderson provided Employers Agent services for a development of a brownfield site to provide a community sustainability hub, utilising shipping containers and incorporating some innovative products.

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